Roohi Movie Rajkummar Rao Box Office Collection

India is the biggest film industry in the country, you may have never seen the films of Bollywood Film Industry | Roohi Movie Rajkummar Rao Box Office Collection

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Roohi movie Riview: India is the biggest film industry in the country, you may have never seen the films of Bollywood Film Industry, but what film are we going to talk about today? Has done more box office collections, till April 2021 there was no such Bollywood film. I have gone so much wrong though this film has proved to be a flop film as the film is going to be released for 2 months and it is as much as its budget. This film was declared a block, which failed to earn money. Roohi film is a film which is liked by the audience very much because this film was seen by people of all ages, this film was liked by more and more viewers. If this is the reason, this film also received very good reviews and ratings, today do not tell who had played their main character in this film and how big the film was able to collect at its box office, so that it was 2021 Became the first highest-grossing film of all time and despite this it was also called Block Fil M has been declared.

Roohi Movie Review & Rating

By watching the views and comments on the trailer of this film, you must have known how much love the film has received from the audience and that love was also seen in theaters because the most liked in this film Varun Sharma was also seen to make this film, these people have played their main character, we will give you the information but before that tell us that the trailer of this film has been viewed on YouTube more than 40 million times. And more than 1 million people have also liked this trailer, all the songs of this film so far proved to be free super hit but still the film did not get as much love at the box office as the trailer and songs of this film It was received on Google. This film has got a very good rating of 4.5 / 5 from the audience, due to which it has become the most underrated film of 2021.

Roohi Movie Cast

  • Rajkummar Rao
  • Varun Sharma
  • Janhvi Kapoor

Roohi Movie Story

Roohi Trailer Out: Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor & Varun Sharma invite you to their 'spooky wedding' | Celebrities News – India TV

The story of this film is like a comedy and a horror film. In the film, you will be shown about a girl who has gone through a soul and that boy works hard to get that soul out of the girl because that The boy loves the girl, what happens in the end, you will only know after watching the film, because this film is not just horror and drama, in this film you will also get to see a lot of comedy, which makes you bored while watching the film. You will not get a chance and this film will also understand you very well at once because the story of this film has not put any back-and-forth story, it runs like a straightforward story.

The story of the film has been liked by the audience and when a lot of news people asked the audience how did you like the film, no one said that we liked this film or we found this film useless, all the viewers went out. They were saying that the film is very good and that the film is going to be a superhit film of 2021 and the role of Varun Sharma in this film is being liked the most and after that many people have also liked Rajkummar Rao very much because He has a very main character in this film and he is also the hero of this film, in this film you have also seen Janhvi Kapoor along with him who has seen many films in the past, but this is his first film in which he I am seen playing the lead role.

Roohi Movie Official Trailer

Roohi Movie Box Office Collection

Before knowing the box office collection of this film, we get to know how much the budget of this film was kept, the cast budget of this film was kept 12 crores and for the marketing of this film 18 Crores of rupees were spent and up to 5 crores was spent on which set to make this film because there was no need to make a very big set for this film and all this film was very good even in a jungle. In the way it was made, so only 5 crores were spent on the set of this film, which in total made the budget of this film to be 35 crores.

The film had grossed up to two crores at the box office on its first day, and on its second day, the film was seen grossing up to three crores but on Sunday, where every film earns a lot of money, the film grossed 2.2 crores on that day. The film was seen grossing up to 30 crores at its box office, which is less than Rs 5 crores according to its budget, but still it remains the highest grossing film of 2021. Because no film released till date has crossed the 30 crore mark, 2021 is the first film that has crossed the 30 crore mark, the last film being released is Suraj Par Mangal Bharti and Indu Ki Jawani from 10 to 15 Had a box office collection of up to crores, but this film collected a collection of up to 30 crores, the most viewed film of 2021 came to the first name, however, according to its budget, its box office collection was less, so this film got the title of flop Gone.


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