Qismat 2 Movie Box Office Collection


Qismat 2 Movie: Punjabi film industry is that film industry of India which has been very popular in the 21st century and especially in North India, after Bollywood industry, Punjabi film industry in North India is seen by many people in Punjabi language and very soon. This very big-budget film is also going to be made Desi. Punjabi film’s tenth highest-grossing film has gone up to 70 crores and this film Distik is going to cross 100 crores mark very soon.

A film released in the same film Naseeb which was released in 2018 which had a box office collection of 31 crores and this film was made on a budget of only 6 crores, after which the film was proved to be a blockbuster hit in 2021. The second chapter of the same film has been released, which seems to be leaving behind its first part in earnings.

Today we are going to give you information about the box office collection of this film as well as tell you which characters you are going to see in this film and how the audience is feeling this film. To know the audience preview, we have taken the help of many youtube channels, you can also watch the video of public review by visiting direct youtube and also read this article completely to know the cast and box office collection of this film. In this article, I have tried to give complete information in brief and you will get box office collection in very easy language.

Qismat 2 Movie Review & Ratings

Qismat 2: Release Date Of Ammy Virk & Sargun Mehta Starrer REVEALED!

Qismat 2 The film seems to be getting very good reviews from the public that it has been 12 days since the release of this film and this film is still seen earning very well at its box office. The film has so far crossed the 23 crore mark and it is being told that in this entire month, the film will also cross the 40 crore mark, worldwide, this film has been released in many countries including India. This film has been released in big countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, America, England, and United Arab. Which many big Bollywood films do not even have. This film has got very good reviews in India and this film has also got a very good rating of 4.7/5 from the audience.

Qismat 2 Movie Cast

Qismat 2 Movie Trailer

The trailer of this film was launched a month before the release of the film and the trailer of this film itself started getting a very good response. Along with this, 6 million people had seen and also the trailer of this film has been seen on YouTube of 9 to 10 million people which is a very good number for the Punjabi film industry if you want to watch the trailer of this film again. If you want, the trailer of this film has also been provided to you here.

Qismat 2 Movie Songs List

No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. “Qismat 2 – Title track” B Praak 4:59
2. “Janam” Romy 3:52
3. “Teri Akheeyan” Ammy Virk & Afsana Khan 2:41
4. “Kis Morh Te” B Praak & Jyoti Nooran 5:25
5. “Mere Yaara Ve” B Praak 4:24
6. “Paagla” B Praak & Asees Kaur 4:25

Qismat 2 Movie Box Office Collection

Qismat 2 Box Office Collection Day 9: Sargun Mehta & Ammy Virk Starrer Suffers Minor Drop - See Latest

Tell me the special things related to this film, you do not have the makers of this film, told that the film was to be released in 2020 and this film was completed in 2020 but due to corona disease, there was a huge lockdown all over India due to which there was a huge lockdown. Due to this, no film was released, after that, it did not feel right to release this film because it was the second part of a very big blockbuster film on which the makers of this film did not want to take the risk, after which the film was released on 24 September 2021.

It was decided to do this which proved to be very good for this film and the film itself has crossed the box office collection of 23 crores, according to many sources, this film will also cross the 40 crores mark and maybe Watching this film Punjabi movie proves to be a very big superhit film because apart from Punjabi audience, people who watch Hindi film also like this film very much.

A total of 5 songs have been put in this film and different songs have been juiced according to every mood, which is very much liked by every audience and from Punjab to Himachal and Haryana as well as Delhi this film is very much liked. Apart from this, 20 films are being liked very much in Maharashtra, after which this film has earned more than 23 crores worldwide.

This film had a box office collection of 2.07 crores at the box office on its first day and that film did a box office collection of 2.50 crores at the box office on its second day as well as this film did a box office collection of 19.25 crores in a week. Which is leaving behind even the Bollywood film that has come so far. Stay with us to know more information related to Indian Cinema.

This is the 29-day box office collection of this film = 32 Crore.


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