Puaada Punjabi Movie Releasing info

Puaada Punjabi Movie Ammy Virk & Sonam Bajwa Latest Releasing updates and we will give you complete information about why it was so late to release this film.

Puaada Punjabi Movie Releasing info
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Puaada Punjabi Movie Update: India’s largest music industry is spoken to the Punjabi Music Industry, but the Punjabi film industry is also a very large industry in Punjab, which is used in the biggest movie Bollywood industry, which is the highest movie videos in the world and In other countries in India, there are many film industry that releases films in their own language and they also make a good box office collection, today we are going to tell you about a film that Punjabi language I have been made and this film will not be released in Punjab only in India. The release of this film has also been given a lot of posts, which we will give you complete information about why it was so late to release this film and will tell you what you will see in this movie. Read this article to know the information about the film.

First of all, we should tell you so much late was done in releasing this film because Corona Pandemic had spread throughout the country and after 2020, the cinemas were closed after the month of March and a movie The film was not being released due to which this film was released on World Wide 2 April 2021, but due to the closure of the cinemas, this film was decided to release on July 12, 2021. But there was no news of the cinemas.

It was said that cinemas will open only in the month of October or November, but on July 24, 2021, the news came that the cinemas will be opened now and you can go to see your favorite films in your nearest cinemas. Makers decided to release this film on August 12, 2021, and now this film will be released on August 12, 2021, tell you this is a Punjabi language movie that has been released with Hindi subtitles so that if you do not come to Punjabi then you can read the subtitles of the film.

Puaada Punjabi Movie Review & Ratings

On behalf of the ten, this film is seen getting very good reviews, as far as the film Bhuj is concerned, a big website has put this movie on his website and very big artist of Punjabi film industry Emmy Ark Because of which this film is being given more recognition, Punjabi actor Amy Virk has also worked in Bollywood films and his upcoming film will also be seen in Bollywood. This film is a family comedy film in which Ammy Virk is running from here in the entire film for his relationship, the trailer of this film has received a great review and in a very short time, the trailer of this film acquires a piece of great news. Was for This film is seen to get a good rating of 4.3 / 5 to the audience.

Puaada Punjabi Movie Cast

  • Ammy Virk
  • Sonam Bajwa
  • Anita Devgan
  • Hardeep Gill
  • Seema Kaushal
  • Sukhwinder Singh Chahal
  • Nisha Bano
  • Gurpreet Bhangu
  • Prakash Gadhu
  • Sukhwinder Raj
  • Mintu Kappa
  • Honey Mattu

Puaada Punjabi Movie Music

No. Title Lyrics Music Singer(s) Length
1. “Aaye Haye Jattiye” Happy Raikoti Happy Raikoti and V Rakx Music (Rakesh Varma) Ammy Virk 2:47
2. “Paunda Boliyaan” Harmanjeet Singh Harmanjeet Singh and V Rakx Music (Rakesh Varma) Ammy Virk and Tarannum Malik 2:43
3. “Pab Chakya Geya” Happy Raikoti Happy Raikoti & V Rakx Music (Rakesh Varma) Ammy Virk and Jasmeen Akhtar 3:18
4. “Pe Geya Puaada” Happy Raikoti Happy Raikoti and V Rakx Music (Rakesh Varma) Nachhatar Gill 3:47

Puaada Punjabi Movie Trailer

Puaada Punjabi Movie Box Office Prediction

If we talk about the box office connection of this Punjabi film, Punjabi films earn very comfortably from 15 to 30 crore and the most earning film in the Punjabi film industry was a religious film in which 70 crore box office collection It was the highest-viewed in India. The film was based on four sons of Guru Govind Singh Ji, which was Char Shaibzaader and this movie has been the most earned film of Punjabi film Jassi so far, Punjabi language film Carrie on knack comes at the second number, in which the most box office collected was done and after this, the recent release of Diljit Dosanjh’s film Shadaa made 55 crores and made its place at the third place of this list.

In this movie, a well-known artist of Punjabi film Jassi, Ammy Virk and very well-known actress Sonam Bajwa will also be seen, due to which the discussion of this film has increased very much, both the artists have worked in Bollywood and they All the films have got a lot of good reviews, decades have liked a lot of newly, due to which the fan following of all the artists has increased very much and the demand for Punjabi films has become very much out of Punjab.

Some big website says that this movie will make a box office collection of one crore in its first day and at the same time, it can be a lifetime collection of 10 crores at the box office because it is a Punjabi film. It is a bit difficult to earn more than this because many people do not like to watch the movie by going to the cinemas, due to Corona Pandemic, but this film can make a lifetime collection of the film, only after the release of this film. Will know. Keeping us with the latest news related to the country and the world.


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