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Pailwaan Box Office Collection: Kannada industry superstar Kichha Sudeep’s latest recent film Pailwaan /Pahalwaan is a hot topic on social media even after being a hit at the Indian box office. The film was released in Indian cinemas on 12 September, and the film has been completed 16 days at the Indian box office. For Kind Your Information, We Telling You the audience is full showing their love for the Pailwaan / Pahalwaan Film. In this film, Sudeep is seen playing a street fighter boxing role. Next, we will tell you about the 16th-day box office collection of the film.

Kannada Movie: Pailwaan Review, Rating

Pailwaan Movie Review & Rating: let’s tell you about the Bollywood superstar. you will also see famous Bollywood superstar Sunil Shetty in Pailwaan film. In the film, Sunil Shetty is seen playing a character named Sarkar. In the film, you will also see action, drama, suspense, and fight. According to the data so far, the audience is very fond of. The second film also received a draw rating of 4/5 from the audience.

Kannada Movie: Pailwaan Cast & Crew

Kichcha Sudeep
Suniel Shetty
Aakanksha Singh
Sushant Singh
Kabir Duhan Singh
Sharath Lohitashwa
Appanna (Comedy khiladigalu)
Raghu Gowda
RJ Pradeepa
Malathi Saradeshpande
Shambhavi Venkatesh

Pailwaan Total Box Office Collection

Pailwaan Day 1 Box Office Collection: 17.00 Crores
Pailwaan Day 2 Box Office Collection: 15.00 Crores
Pailwaan Day 3 Box Office Collection: 14.00 Crores
Pailwaan Day 4 Box Office Collection: 18.00 Crores
Pailwaan Day 5 Box Office Collection: 11.01 Crores
Pailwaan Day 6 Box Office Collection: 09.04 Crores
Pailwaan Day 7 Box Office Collection: 08.02 Crores
Pailwaan Day 8 Box Office Collection: 07.03 Crores
Pailwaan Day 9 Box Office Collection: 06.08 Crores
Pailwaan Day 10 Box Office Collection: 07.04 Crores
Pailwaan Day 11 Box Office Collection: 05.04 Crores
Pailwaan Day 12 Box Office Collection: 04.02 Crores
Pailwaan Day 13 Box Office Collection: 03.08 Crores
Pailwaan Day 14 Box Office Collection: 04.01 Crores
Pailwaan Day 15 Box Office Collection: 02.04 Crores

Pailwaan Day 16 Box Office Collection: 01.02 Crores

Pailwaan Day 16 Box Office Collection

Kannada-language film Pahalwaan has made an excellent collection at the box office, and let you know that the film has crossed the 100 crore mark so far. Has made the feel of good entertainment. Based on media reports and occupancy, the film can make even better collections at its box office.


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