GUNJAN SAXENA: The Kargil Girl Netflix Movie Review

Today we will tell you Netflix web series welcome, all of you are welcome, today we are going to review the Netflix movie, Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl Netflix Movie Review

GUNJAN SAXENA: The Kargil Girll Netflix Movie Review
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Gunjan Saxena Netflix Movie REVIEW: The 2020 web series, which is a real-life film above many films, is being released as a web series, this app on Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčnamed Gunjan Saxena. A web series with a very good story is being released by removing the discrimination going on in Bollywood, and like every old biography issue you will get to see and this film can give you a lot of inspiration. Today we will tell you some special things about it from this time and will also tell you how much of this web series nepotism is welcome, all of you are welcome, today we are going to review the Netflix movie, Gunjan Saxena

Gunjan Saxena Netflix Movie Story, Review & Rating

First and foremost, you can watch this film on Netflix, this film will be released only on metrics. The story is written around a girl named Gunjan, who moves towards her dreams, ignoring the rules and laws of society and ends up going to the airport pilot on the last floor. It seems simple to hear the story of the film, but movies with such a struggle and inspiration are very good, but such films become very good when a film is made on the biography of a girl, fulfilling her dreams among the boys. Living to do where a small mistake can spoil your life and childhood dreams can be broken and broken in 1 minute. And the empty film is not made of the same thing, in this film, there is also alike going on at home in which girls are not allowed to dream big and after a time they are married and they are given away. It is to see how Gunjan fulfills his dreams by coming out of such a mean society and in a 2-hour film you will get to see this whole story which can prove to be a very good film for you.

Talking about the review rating of the film, the film is getting a very good response from the audience, the audience has given very good reviews to the film and it is being said that this film can be a very good hit. The film has been rated 5/3 stars by the audience as many people say that Janhvi Kapoor did not act so well and many people are not liking any film given the nepotism going on in Bollywood.

Gunjan Saxena Netflix Movie Cast

Directed = Sharan Sharma
Produced = Karan Johar & Apoorva Mehta
Written = Nikhil Mehrotra & Sharan Sharma
Starring = Janhvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi & Angad Bedi
Production company = Dharma Productions & Zee Studios
Distributed = Netflix
Release date = 12 August 2020

Gunjan Saxena Netflix Movie Official Trailer

The film has been released on the initial 12 August 2020, so you can see it by going to the metrics and you can give your opinion on the network as to how you liked the film and how morals should be made. Stay connected with Bollywood and Nepotism for all the information; here we will keep you in the news and you will be connected with the entire Bollywood industry.


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